Good reasons to choose our Corporation Tax service:

Companies are subject to Corporation Tax and Corporation Tax is charged on trading, investment and Capital Gains – so how does that work?

We dedicate a qualified manager to provide a personal service to help you. If you receive a letter from HMRC – send it to us. We do the rest.

We suggest ways for you to SAVE TAX – we work for you – not HMRC!

• Our first priority is careful planning to minimise your tax liability

• Our team will advise you of your tax liability – so no nasty surprises at the last minute

• We do all the filing

• Our service informs you when payments are due so that you will be ready in advance

• Our Corporate Tax service includes all the above for a fixed annual fee

So - What is Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax is a tax on the profits of limited companies and some organisations including clubs, societies, associations, co-operatives, charities and other unincorporated bodies.

Corporation Tax is to be paid on all your taxable profits if your company or organisation is based in the UK, wherever in the world those profits come from.

If your company is located outside of the UK but operates within the UK for example, through an office or branch (known to HMRC as a ‘permanent establishment’) – you’ll only have to pay Corporation Tax on any taxable profits arising from your UK activities.

Pay before you file your Tax Return

Corporation Tax is different. The deadline to pay your Corporation Tax is before the deadline to file your Company Tax Return. Generally you must:

• Pay the tax by 9 months and one day after the end of your company or organisation’s Corporation Tax accounting period, then
• File by 12 months after the end of your company or organisation’s Corporation Tax accounting period

Filing your Company Tax Return and Paying Tax

Virtually all companies and organisations must file their Company Tax Returns online.

Your tax computations and the accounts that form part of your Company Tax Return, must be filed in Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (IXBRL) format. We provide this filing as part of our ordinary service.

If you have questions on Corporation Tax, please contact us for a free first hour meeting. Parking is free all day outside our offices.

What our clients say...

We have been clients of Dominic Hill in Eastbourne for many years. We are an international company and Dominic Hill provide a full bookkeeping, management accounts and administration role for us. It`s easy to contact them by meetings, phone or Skype video.

–Bauporte Doors UK - Mr Bouman


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