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Do you run a Community Interest Company?

At Dominic Hill we appreciate the importance of keeping businesses open and we want to do more for our local community, by supporting those that are vulnerable in our communities.  Therefore, we specialise in supporting Social Enterprises that provide for the greater good in our society. 

A Community Interest Company could be something like: 

  • A Pub
  • A Drop-in Centre for the Elderly
  • A Youth Project

As a community interest company, you may be providing a valuable community resource and need funds to continue that service. 

If you are struggling to finance your project and this is risking the loss of services to vulnerable or needy people or prevent you moving ahead for the benefit of the local area then we can help you make the right decisions to keep your finances healthy.

Dominic Hill Accountants for Community Interest Companies specialise in handling your tax affairs. We understand the subtleties of CICs better than most accountants, and we have a wealth of experience doing accounts for CICs.  Because of the specialist knowledge we have in this sector we can probably save you more money than most other accountants.

To get your Social Enterprise started, contact Dominic Hill Accountants for community interest companies today 


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